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Are Broker Commission Rebates Legal in New York?

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When diving into the New York real estate market, understanding the legality and benefits of broker commission rebates is crucial. While some may question their legality, the truth is both simple and advantageous for buyers: commission rebates are not only legal but also completely tax-free.

The Legality of Commission Rebates: In New York, the Attorney General has openly encouraged buyers to engage with brokers offering rebates. This endorsement stems from a desire to reduce the costs of buying property, fostering a more competitive market that benefits consumers. Rebates are viewed as a positive move towards innovative real estate business models.

The Changing Role of Real Estate Brokers: The digital age has transformed the real estate landscape. With the rise of comprehensive property search websites like StreetEasy and Zillow, buyers often undertake substantial research independently. Consequently, the role of a real estate broker has evolved into that of a strategic advisor and subject matter expert, rather than a simple facilitator of property access or open house tours.

Tax-Free Benefits: Another significant advantage is the tax status of these rebates. The IRS considers commission rebates as adjustments to the home's purchase price rather than taxable income. This perspective means that the rebate you receive when buying a home is tax-free. However, it's always wise to consult with a tax advisor for personalized advice.

Our Approach at BRN: BRN was founded in response to the Attorney General's advocacy for rebates, aiming to provide a smarter, more competitive alternative to traditional brokerages. We split our commission with you and offer up to 1.5% cash-back commission rebates at closing, aligning with our commitment to a more transparent and client-focused real estate experience.

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Purchasing a new home in New York City comes with its unique set of financial considerations, one of the most significant being closing costs. As a potential buyer, it's crucial to understand these costs to make informed decisions. In NYC, closing costs typically range from 2% to 4% of the home's purchase price and can be influenced by several factors, including whether the property is a condo or co-op, a new development or resale, and its overall price range.

One key component of closing costs in NYC is the Mansion Tax. This tax, applicable to real estate purchases over $1 million, ranges from 1% to 3.9%, depending on the purchase price. It's an essential factor to consider, especially since the term "mansion" in NYC can apply even to a modest one-bedroom apartment. Understanding the tiers of this tax is vital for budgeting your overall costs.

Another significant cost is the Mortgage Recording Tax, which applies to purchases made with a mortgage. This tax is 1.8% for loans under $500,000 and 1.925% for loans above this amount. However, it's important to note that this tax does not apply to co-op purchases.

Title Insurance is another cost for buyers, amounting to approximately 0.45% of the home's purchase price. This insurance safeguards against future claims of ownership and is a necessary expense for peace of mind in property ownership. Again, co-op buyers are exempt from this cost.

Legal fees also play a role in closing costs, with attorney fees ranging from $1,500 to $2,500. This cost can vary based on the attorney's experience and the complexity of the purchase.

For those obtaining a mortgage, bank fees, including property appraisal and bank attorney fees, typically range from $2,000 to $3,000. These are necessary expenses to secure your loan and complete the purchasing process.

Lastly, most co-ops and condos in New York charge various building fees, such as move-in fees and board application fees, which can add an additional $1,000 to $2,000 to your closing costs.

Understanding these costs is crucial for any buyer in the NYC real estate market. By being informed, you can budget effectively and make the best decision for your financial situation. Working with a knowledgeable broker can also help navigate these costs, and brokers like BRN offer rebates that can offset these expenses.

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In the competitive New York real estate market, making a well-prepared and competitive offer is crucial to securing your dream home. Understanding what to include in your offer can significantly enhance its appeal to sellers. Here’s a streamlined guide to the essential components of a strong real estate offer in New York.

REBNY Financial Statement: A key element is the REBNY financial statement, which details your financial readiness. This document outlines your income, assets, and liabilities, reassuring the seller of your capability to close the deal. Our team is ready to help you prepare this statement efficiently.

Mortgage Pre-Approval: For those requiring a mortgage, a pre-approval letter from your lender is indispensable. This document certifies your eligibility for financing, aligning with the property's value. Starting early with your lender is advisable to ensure timely preparation of this critical component.

Proof of Funds: To demonstrate your ability to cover the down payment, typically about 20% of the home's value, you should include recent bank or brokerage statements. This proof is a concrete indicator of your financial readiness for the purchase.

While these documents form the core of your offer, remember to also be prepared with an understanding of the estimated closing costs and have a real estate attorney at the ready.

Ready to Get Started? As you begin your journey into the world of NYC real estate, BRN Partners is here to guide you every step of the way. Our unique model of splitting our commission ensures that you enjoy the smartest way to buy in NYC. With BRN's unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, you're not just finding a new home -- you're unlocking the full potential of your real estate aspirations. Contact us today to experience the exceptional service and generous commission split that sets BRN apart – and where your success is our top priority.


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