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Meet the Team

Red Buidling

We Know Real Estate. Get to Know Us.

At BRN, we understand the complexities and inefficiencies of buying property in New York. Our own experiences revealed that traditional brokerage services, despite their high fees, often didn't add enough value to the process.


That's why we founded BRN -- to streamline real estate transactions, focusing on essential services like valuation and negotiation, and offering substantial savings to our clients. Our approach is designed for the modern homebuyer in NYC, transforming the experience into one that's more efficient, transparent, and financially rewarding.​​


Despite advancements in technology, the real estate industry's commission structure hasn't changed. We founded BRN to challenge this norm, and we created a commission model that reflects the evolving role of real estate brokers in today's digital age. Our belief is rooted in the idea that as the industry evolves, so should the fees.​

That's why we split our commission with you and rebate up to 1.5% cash back to our clients.

We've created the home buying experience that we wish had existed when we purchased our own apartments, and we think you'll agree. It's simpler and more transparent, driven by data insights and analytics rather than a broker's gut feeling about the market.


We also think you'll like having a bunch of extra cash in your pocket. Contact us to get started.

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