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The BRN Rebate

With BRN, your investment is smarter -- and goes further. We split our brokerage commission with you, offering up to 1.5% of your new home's purchase price back at closing.

How it Works.

Unlock big savings on your NYC home purchase with BRN, where we don't just offer a rebate — we split our commission with you. At BRN, we share up to 1.5% of your new home's purchase price back, offering you not just the smartest but the most financially rewarding approach to buying real estate in NYC.

  • A buyer's broker earns money in the form of a brokerage commission paid by the seller. In the New York real estate market, a buyer's broker typically is paid a commission ranging from 2.5% to 3% of the property's purchase price.

  • We think the traditional brokerage model is broken, so BRN created a better, smarter, and more financially rewarding way to buy NYC real estate.

  • When you purchase a home in NYC with BRN, we split our commission with you, which results in a cash back commission rebate to you of 1.25% to 1.5% (i.e., 50% of the buyer's brokerage commission) of your new home’s purchase price.

  • Example: For a $1.5 million home, where the broker's commission is $45,000 (3%), you would keep $22,500.

Unlike conventional brokers who keep the entire commission, BRN splits it with you. Our straightforward approach reflects our commitment to a more cost-effective and client-centric real estate experience.

Transparency is key at BRN. We always inform you about the commission rate for your chosen property, ensuring you know exactly how much cash back you'll receive at closing.

Contact us, explore our FAQs, or check out our blog to understand how you can outsmart the market and make the smartest home buying decision in NYC.

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