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Buying With BRN

With data-driven insights, analytics, and up to a 1.5% cash back commission rebate, you'll get the home buying experience every buyer in New York wants (and deserves).

Get Cash Back

In NYC's expensive real estate market, traditional brokers make a killing -- with commissions reaching $45,000 on a $1.5 million apartment.


BRN thinks there's a better way. When commission rebates became legal in New York, we created BRN to provide a better service and a better value to NYC homebuyers. That's why we rebate most of our commission back to you.

BRN splits our brokerage commission with you -- up to 1.5% of your new home's purchase price. At closing, we hand you a check, with no strings attached or gimmicks. For the ins and outs of our approach, head over to our blog or check out our FAQs.

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Buy Smarter

At BRN, we blend data insights, analytics, and expertise to refine the home valuation process. Unlike traditional brokers who often rely on intuition -- leading to overpaying -- we use a data-driven approach to accurately assess a property's worth.


Our clients receive essential market data, ensuring they make informed offers for the best homes at the best prices. With us, you're equipped to confidently navigate the market and make offers with assurance. We're with you at every step, guiding your journey to a smart home purchase.

Skilled Negotiators, Backed Up by Data

Unlike brokers who push for high offers, BRN prioritizes getting you the best deal, guided by robust data insights. We manage the offer process from start to finish, informing you of the right price range and advising when to walk away, ensuring you never overpay.


Our approach is fact-based and client-focused, aiming to secure you the best home at the best price.

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Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

A Seamless Process

BRN aims to make NYC real estate buying simpler and more efficient.


We streamline the process, allowing you to focus on choosing your home and offer terms while we handle the rest. Providing expert guidance and data insights, BRN ensures smart decisions. Our efficiencies enable us to offer up to 1.5% of your new home purchase price back to you, with no strings attached.


We've crafted a transparent, user-friendly home buying experience that leaves clients with extra cash at closing. Contact us to start your simplified, rewarding home buying journey.

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