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What Do I Need to Submit to Make a Competitive Offer?

New York is a competitive place, and negotiations on real estate deals are no exception. That’s why, when you finally find your dream home and are ready to make an offer, it’s important to have everything in order and ready to submit so that you can present your most compelling offer to the seller.

Below we’ve included a list of the basic information you’ll need to accompany your offer.

REBNY Financial Statement: Sellers will want to know that you’ll be financially able to close on the home, so strong offers will include a completed REBNY financial statement. The statement, which we’re happy to provide to you, includes basic information about your income, assets, and liabilities. 

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval: If you intend to take out a mortgage on the property, you’ll need to submit a mortgage pre-approval letter from your lender which indicates you’re qualified for a loan to purchase the home. Pre-approvals can sometimes take some time, so it’s important to speak with lenders early in the process to be sure you’ll have it to accompany your offer.

  • Proof of Funds: The seller will want to be sure that you have sufficient funds to make the down payment (which is typically 20% or more of the purchase price, although it can sometimes be less). That’s why we recommend including bank or brokerage account statements showing you have sufficient money in the bank. 

In addition to the materials above, which we would submit alongside an offer, we encourage our clients to know the estimated closing costs and have a real estate attorney lined up. 

When you’re ready to make an offer, you want to make the strongest possible offer — and not be rushed — so it’s important to start pulling these materials together as soon as you start the home buying process. Contact us and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track for preparing the strongest possible offer for your new home. 

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